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Testex is a service that aims to offer a complete waste management solution to your assessment obligations and technical guidance requirements.

We offer rapid environmental testing, which is supported by our team of qualified specialists.

We are able to meet all your duty of care requirements in the most efficient and effective way.

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For over 25 years, our environmental waste testing facility has developed a key understanding within this sector. We will ensure all environmental waste classification requirements are compliant and correctly met.

Testex provides detailed site reports. These will include a comprehensive summary and breakdown of your site, accompanied by appropriate WM3 waste certification.

We include a site waste management plan, all conveniently handled via just a single point of contact.

Our friendly in-house team offers a full waste consultancy service and can provide you with helpful expert advice to optimise waste management budgets, and programmes to minimise site costs and delays.

By correctly identifying waste streams in the minimum time-frame possible, our operational and logistics teams – supported by London’s largest tipper and grab fleet – can remove, handle, and recover all materials, minimising landfill in the process.

As leading proponents of the circular economy, much of the non-hazardous waste we recover is recycled and reused to produce quality materials, to meet society’s need to deliver more sustainable outcomes within the construction, demolition, and utility industries.

We comply with all necessary environmental regulations, as all of our work is tested under the guidance of WM3 regulations and is EA recognised.


Environmental law assumes the waste producer to be ultimately responsible for the classification, collection and disposal of its own waste. We understand that many sites do not have the necessary site investigation analysis, often out of date and/or out of context, sometimes none at all.

All parties including hauliers and waste disposal facilities carry this responsibility. Testex aims to provide clear direction for our clients. Misclassification of waste is a serious offence, carrying criminal and large financial penalties.

Waste Consultancy

Cost effective planning

We offer fast turnaround times, with 24h Rapid Testing results where necessary. Call us in an emergency, or as part of a scheduled programme.

Testex will work with our clients to determine the best approach to your site’s needs.

We provide a complete range of site testing solutions, including window, trial pit, stockpile and in-situ sampling. This will detail full chemical and physical composition analysis to meet all WM3 legislation.

Complete solutions

Saving time and costs on site are the key drivers behind our service. All the services we offer are within our core competency framework, allowing a seamless service to protect your business’ reputation, its people, and the environment.

Throughout Sivyer’s 80 year history, we’ve learnt the importance of preparing waste management plans to manage all potential outcomes, resulting in less down time and avoiding budget over-run.

Our integrated testing, waste collection and treatment capabilities reduce the need for multiple supplier management, providing complete peace of mind.

Waste Testing

Site investigation

Our detailed site investigation methodology includes a thorough inspection of waste samples, coupled with detailed site history and research to ascertain the background and nature of the land.

In most cases, brownfield sites will have undergone a variety of uses in the past.

Ensuring the right waste classification is vital. Should the site contain any hazardous waste, it is critical to identify this at the earliest possible stage, minimising the risks to all people coming into contact with it.

Site appraisal

Full site appraisal is included within the report, detailing photographs, site description, history, future use, and physical composition, with relevant mapping and sampling test types by location.

Waste testing and results

Test results detail all specified recordable substances and compounds to categorise if the waste is hazardous or non-hazardous, stating the recommended removal and treatment management plan.

Site report

Testex provides a complete site report and compliant waste assessment of all detected substances by name and their quantities in the HazWasteOnline report record, including the hazardous/non-hazardous confirmation certificate, to meet your obligations as a waste producer.

Waste Removal, Disposal and Treatment

Recommendations and guidance on how to best handle your waste in the most environmentally sensitive manner will be given. We will provide an operational plan to maximise best practice on how to remove and handle your waste in the most effective way.

Digital documentation

We’ve developed our own digital comms and documentation interface to meet current and future planned legislation, ensuring full waste traceability by load and specific classification.

All of which can be handled by London’s largest fleet of tipper and grab vehicles servicing your requirements.

Sivyer currently manage in excess of one million tonnes of waste per year servicing the capital.

Waste material recovery and recycling

Our in-house ‘urban farming’ methods guarantee complete recovery of your waste.

Our recycling facility can process all your waste materials to be repurposed and reused into valuable recycled aggregates, to further reduce your carbon footprint and provide other environmental benefits to your business.

In-House R&D

Our R&D team is constantly reviewing environmental regulations and customer requirements in order that we adapt our services and products to meet the ever-changing needs of this sector.

We are passionate about waste recovery and recycling, and always looking at new ways to create products with sustainability as a primary focus.


Construction and demolition

Testex is perfectly suited to working with contractors at the earliest possible stages, planning site testing, vehicle logistics and accessibility to minimise site, environment, and local stakeholder disruption.

Better planning reduces site testing lag time and waste removal lead time via one seamless team.


Source testing is mandatory for all planned excavations.

EA regulatory Position Statement 211 clearly outlines the waste producer’s responsibilities, with untested waste being classified as hazardous unless certificated otherwise.

Our experience has demonstrated mixed construction waste – including hazardous coal tar – to be a regular feature of the sub-base material beneath our road surfaces.

For essential testing guidance where the excavation and back filling of works is involved, Testex understands the importance of rapid testing to minimise disruption and cost in the utilities sector.

Property Developers

We are focused on a range of outcomes covering both greenfield and brownfield sites, especially where demolition has taken place.

Our experiences have demonstrated that hazardous asbestos fragments and particles are also a regular feature to be aware of. Hydrocarbons on brownfield sites and heavy metals are also issues of concern.

Our services include testing, and producing a site management plan focused upon keeping your site working, whilst minimising your carbon footprint by supplying recycled aggregates, minerals and landscape soils.

Landscaping industry

Testex provides full testing and analysis services to meet many of your site’s requirements.

By working closely with BALI and landscape architects, we provide and manufacture a range of soils, substrates, compost and aggregates under the TRUgrow name exclusively for the landscaping industry.

Testex supports our manufactured products and provides full compliance testing to BS3882 and BS8601 standards. We also manufacture bespoke products and can design soils according to landscape architect specifications.

If you are producing waste soil, and certain conditions are met, we may be able to reprocess your waste into viable British Standard topsoil products.


Testex is committed to sustainability.

The construction industry and its associated carbon footprint is a major contributor to global warming – and is our collective responsibility to reduce.

By recycling and recovering materials efficiently via its sister company Sivyer Group, Testex ensures that misclassified waste is prevented from being introduced into the broader environment. We achieve sustainability through every stage of the process and take stewardship of the ground that you stand on.



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